Our vision;

The main goal of our company is primarily "customer satisfaction". By providing satisfaction of the consumers, by growing continuously by developing on the market and always presenting the highest quality of the consumer with reasonable cost, it is beneficial to the investor in the long term in case of consumption. Another goal is to become a national company domestically and to reach a structure that will expand our product range and represent our country in foreign markets.

Our mission;

It is to be a company that works with the principle of "service first" in the awareness of its duty responsibilities, to provide quality and gentle service to its customers, to be conscious of environmental awareness which is integrated with its customers and employees, and to be conscious of nature and humanity.

Our quality policy;

The quality policy supporting the mission of ARSLAN CONSTRUCTION CHEMICALS;

As employees of all ARSLAN CONSTRUCTION CHEMICALS; Products and services that meet the needs and expectations of every and every one of our customers, at the highest possible level, until the end user;

  • With less waste,
  • At a lower cost,
  • As soon as possible,
  • With a robust and constantly improving quality system,
  • In a clean, organized and reliable working environment,
  • To perform with diligent staff who have institutional cultures and services based on mutual love, respect, continuous improvement and education bases and
  • The confidence we provide with understanding of modern business can be maintained with an ever increasing course.